Air Conditioning Servicing

Your car’s air conditioning system is one of its most important features.

Not only does it keep you cool in the summer months, it also dehumidifies the interior air throughout the year, and so removes moisture, whilst filtering airborne pollutants such as dust, pollen and diesel particles.

Your Air Conditioning System is the biggest contributor in maintaining a pleasant and comfortable interior climate whenever your car is in use.

Low refrigeration content will create poor system efficiency. Moisture build-up due to refrigerant permeation and leaks will occur. This will create acids, and corrosion will affect the Air Conditioning System’s operation and the longevity of all components the refrigerant comes into contact with.

Air Conditioning Service Includes:

  • Old oil and gas removed
  • Leaks checked – including inspecting for cracks
  • Air conditioning system vacuumed
  • Gas impurities burnt off
  • Tracer dye (if needed) added to the system
  • New oil added to the system
  • To the manufacturers’ specification, refrigerant gas added
  • Operating pressures tested
  • Cooling effect tested
  • Further diagnostic investigation or servicing (if required)

The best way to keep your compressor from failing is to have your air conditioning system serviced once a year, including the addition of the right kind of lubrication for your unit.

Areas We Cover

We are based in Reading and do most of our work in the Berkshire area. We can perform engine diagnostic services, DPF services and other services around the area. Please get in touch to find out more.